How to resize an EPS file in Illustrator to fit a pixel size?

I’m very new to Illustrator. Having used Photoshop all my life, vector art is something very new to me. I have this company logo in EPS format. I want to use AI to resize the image to a certain pixel size in order to fit properly on a website.
I’ve only drawn some trees and landscape using AI, doing this has me totally lost. Any help would be appreciated.


I think the best solution in this case would be to use Illustrator’s “View->Pixel Preview” mode if applicable (I don’t know which version you’ve got there). This way you’ll have much greater control over final results, than by any form of automatic rasterization (e.g. “Save for Web”). Think of it as of manual “pixel perfext hinting”.

Also using “pixels” as “document units”, as Mark Edwards suggested, would be a good thing. It will make it possible to set artboard to exact needed size in pixels.

Of course “Save for Web” still would be useful, with its possibility to provide quick preview and optimization of resultant file.

TIP (mentioned in some comment here): you can scale objects proportionally by entering in info or transform panel their new width/height and confirming your value with “Ctrl/Command+Enter” combo.

As for the whole subject you can take a look at for more complete explanation with graphic examples.

Source : Link , Question Author : fruitcup , Answer Author : thebodzio

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