How to resize shapes with stroke?

I have this logo with two ellipses and multiple line segments.

original logo

The ellipses have 5pt strokes on them, no fill and the line segments are 3 pt, no fill. I placed the .ai file into another file and tried to resize it down to fit a business card, only to come upon this:

logo that needs to be fixed

Now the shapes look like they have twice the stroke that they had before. Thanks in advance for any help!


Go to Edit > Preferences > General, and make sure the Scale Strokes & Effects is selected. By default this is unchecked in Adobe Illustrator.
Now scale your object up or down it will keep its ratio.

or You can Expend your Object, Go to Object > Expand and from the popup menu check Fill and Stroke and Hit OK But I do not recommend this method.

Source : Link , Question Author : vinylviolin , Answer Author : Rishab

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