How to respond to Brand identity Objections from small business owners?

When pitching a client on a brand identity service and they ask you,”how do I know this will work?” What would be the appropriate response?


How do I know this will work?

This is entirely based upon the client and the work being created. There’s no “solid” or “universal” reply without some direct knowledge of what was created, what the client was seeking, and the target audience.

Some very broad responses……

  • Well, there are no guarantees with anything conceptual in nature. I can merely pull on my experience and try to target what I know appeals to your audience. Such as X, Y, Z.
  • It’s been my experiences that X leads to higher retention and memorability by viewers.
  • Studies have shown that the color X promotes a sense of X in viewers
  • By using a serif/sans serif typeface such as [typeface] it offers a more friendly/informational impression.
  • If you examine brands from your competitors you can see they use a great deal of X. I’ve used that in a similar fashion [here] in order to promote a sense of “belonging” in the overall industry.

Source : Link , Question Author : Juan Ignacio , Answer Author : Ryan

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