How to save a GIF with transparency without it creating white blobs around glow? Open for other solutions! [duplicate]

So, basically, I have a website where I want to put animated christmas lights, nothing to complex.

Note: Don’t mind the watermarks, they are just in case…

I made the static image in png first:

Static image:

All ok with that, it display correctly in the website

Then, I tried animating it to gif, in photoshop, and the image was ruined:


Final result:

So, basically, I just want to know what are all the possible ways of making this animation show in my website, good quality, without white blobs or any blobs at all, and with transparency.

I will really accept any options, gif, video, flash, anything. I would just like to have this on a website.

Note: This is above a slideshow, so, making it match the background is not an option, at all.

Thanks for reading.


Gif will not support multi-level transparency. Use PNG 24 bit. But be warned, it comes at the price of a larger file size.

Source : Link , Question Author : NepsName , Answer Author : MicDunDee

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