How to save a shared video to my Camera Roll on iOS?

I have the app Photos on my iPad mini, on iOS 7.

I am viewing a stream shared by a friend.

When I am on a photo, I can save it to my Camera Roll.

But, when I am on a video, I cannot save it to my Camera Roll. The feature is missing.

1) How can I save a video to my Camera Roll ?

I want preferably a solution that do not need a computer.

2) Bonus question : Why has Apple limited this feature to photos ?


Apple doesn’t have a solution on iOS to accomplish this. I’ve not found any third party app from the App Store that will read the shared stream videos or receive a paste event (you can copy the video from Photos app on iOS, but pasting it anywhere seems to not work for me on iOS 8.x)

I use iPhoto on OS X to view the shared video and then import them into my library. From there, I can get the videos onto iOS. Not exactly your preferred solution, but it works well enough for me.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nicolas Barbulesco , Answer Author : bmike

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