How to select HEX values / colors in Inkscape

How to select web colors in Inkscape? I know that I can select the “>” at the bottom-right of the screen and select WebHex and then select one in the bar. But in that bar there are just a few colors. How to select a color that is not in the bar? is there a way to put the color in numbers?

For instance, if I have a square, I select it and I want to give it the color #666666


You need to use the Fill and Stroke window. This gives you more control over assign color to a stroke (the “outline” of an object), the fill (the inside of it), and what the stroke looks like (thickness, dashed vs solid, etc)

  1. Select the object that you want to assign a color to.
  2. Click Object > Fill and Stroke Ctrl+Shift+F
  3. On the Fill tab, change the color as needed.

Since you want to assign a specific hex color, enter it into the RGBA box (don’t include the #). Note that this is RGBA, not RGB–the extra two characters on the end represent opacity (ff being solid; 00 being fully transparent). So to assign #666666, you would want to enter #666666ff

Source : Link , Question Author : Nrc , Answer Author : Scribblemacher

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