How to send selection to a NEW layer in Inkscape

I find that often I will duplicate a set of objects or paths then send them to a new layer. However, in the drop-down menu and the layer menu for the selection, there are only options to move the selection up/down a layer or to an already existing layer. I can’t just go create a new layer because then my selection is deselected. So currently, I have to anticipate that I will be needing a new layer (sometimes several operations ahead of time – because some chains of operations require that I don’t lose my selection) and create it ahead of time. Is there a way to send a selection to a new layer?


What just worked for me was to cut the selection (CTRL-X), create a new layer, and paste the selection into the new layer. I agree that a “new layer from selection” command would be nice.

Source : Link , Question Author : alphaOri , Answer Author : William Whyte

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