How to set inner glow (vignette) effect size to value bigger than 250

So, I have .PSD document in lower resolution with a background layer that has vignette effect on it. But, when I copy layer style from that layer, the size of inner glow stays the same, ergo, smaller on the bigger canvas. Now, here lies the problem, slider only goes to 250 px. Is there any reason behind this limit? And, is there a way to bypass this problem?

Here’s a screenshot of layer style panel for better understanding.

enter image description here


This is hacky, and destructive.

Create the internal shadow on its own layer, and set blend mode as required. When you need to upscale, rasterise this layer. Fortunately there’s almost no detail inside a blurred shadow, so the scaling shouldn’t be noticeably negative to the quality of the image. But will retain its relative size.

Source : Link , Question Author : missy , Answer Author : Confused

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