How to show background texture through text placed on background in Photoshop?

Say you have an image of a wall or an old, creased piece of paper and you want to add text on that background. How can you make the texture of the background come through the new text in Photoshop so it will look like the text is actually on the background rather than above it?


This is what I quickly cooked up:

enter image description here

To accomplish this:

  1. Type your text in a bold font type. color black
  2. Set the Fill to 20% (important, set fill to 20%… not opacity)

Now it shines through. If you want to give it an offset, do this:

  1. Double click on your text layer in the layer box.
  2. Set the Drop Shadow to white, blending mode to normal, opacity 50%, size 2, distance 2
  3. set the Inner Shadow to black, size 4, distance 4, and the opacity to about 60%

Now the text is pressed in the wall.


Or if you mean this:

enter image description here

  1. Type your text
  2. Set the blending mode of it to Soft Light or Overlay.
  3. Duplicate the layer and you get the result above
  4. Play around with the colors

Source : Link , Question Author : Korneel Bouman , Answer Author : JohnB

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