How to smooth out lines of rotated smart object in photoshop?

I am building some kind of mockup for business card and while i was trying to create the looks like cards are on top of each others i used smart object to easily change look of business card on all the layers but the problem is that on rotation the photoshop really made a hard cut lines of the layers.

Here is an sample image what it looks like enter image description here

I tried to change few settings that i found online under Preferences > Image Interpolation and it works kinda, different settings gives different smooths, but the smoothest gives a hard blur on the lines.

I also tried to convert it to 3d object as someone suggested and render it, this works as a good solution even when rendering is not done completely, but it really takes a lot of time to render. For my current file it would take 8 hours to render.

So is there any way to smooth out those lines a bit in some way ?


I realize that this is an old stack but seeing as it is still lacking an answer other than, “I wouldn’t worry about it”, I thought I would go ahead answer the question.

I am assuming that by straight and clean lines you mean lines that you can rotate off axis without causing the line to jut (“stair step” effect).

The only way to achieve these “smooth” lines that you desire within the digital realm is with vector based graphic images and editing tools versus raster based graphics. You can get more details and how this specifically applies to your query and the best ways to implement it into your workflow elsewhere within the Graphics Design Stack Exchange and on the web but the long and the short of it is; Vectors are polygon “points” that can be placed on any point on any axis in the field, so they arent subject to grid patterning like pixels are, allowing for smooth radii (lines) at any angle, as they are nothing more than several points laid out in a row.

Source : Link , Question Author : lonerunner , Answer Author : Rick M

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