How to smoothly cut a non-vector image out from its background

The picture below shows the initial image, and the desired effect (sorta), First I used the magic wand to remove the background around the bell. Then I did CTRL+I and inverted the colors. This was great because I ended up with that small shadow under the black. Then I used CTRL+U to get the color I wanted (blue & orange).

My problem is, I still have a residue of black around the edge of the bell and inside as well (around the colored areas).

Is there a better way to cut a non-vector image out that makes it cleaner than the magic wand?

Here is the three steps I mentioned above:

enter image description here


You can select the pixels you want more precisely with the pen tool. Each time you click you create an anchor point that you can later move with the white selection arrow.

Source : Link , Question Author : LOTUSMS , Answer Author : PixelGraph

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