How to snap to symbol registration point in Adobe Illustrator?

I have created a Symbol in Adobe Illustrator, starting from the circle with a shadow. Because of the shadow, the “center of mass” of the Symbol does not coincide with the origin.

This results I am unable to snap the center of the circle, because it is shifted.

enter image description here

Origin is displayed all the time as a cross and not snapped. Center of mass is diplayed only when snapped, but I don’t want it to snap.

Is it possible to snap with Origin in Adobe Illustrator?

Video is here:


enter image description here

enter image description here


Before creating symbol you can add rectangle with no fill, no stroke. The center of this object can be in any place where you want by moving, resizing this rectangle.

Second Solution:

Select symbol

Press Edit Symbol

Select element (circle in you case)

Select center of this circle and move it to the center of symbol (marked as cross)

Exit from edit mode

Now circle’s center and symbol’s center are the same and snapping to the circle’s works.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dims , Answer Author : emax

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