How to specify a repeating pattern for textile printing

I’ve tried searching for an answer to this, but I have no idea what terms to even search for.

I’m creating the artwork for a repeating pattern that is going to be printed on a large quantity of fabric (think 100 meter rolls). I’m wondering what the normal way to present the artwork for this would be, since it’s not just one block of artwork, but rather a block that is repeated both vertically and horizontally. At the moment, my plan is to give just one full swatch of the part that repeats, with a bit of extra bleed area, and put in crop lines.

Does anyone have experience with this or know how this is supposed to be done? (PS-I’m working in Illustrator.)


For the complete avoidance of doubt, I might send three versions of the artwork:

  • A single instance of the element to be repeated, on its own.
  • A single instance of the element to be repeated, with “bleed” and crop marks in the margin. I’m thinking that the bleed might be really important to cover up any edge discrepancies if they are making up a physical cylindrical roller to print the design – although if the pattern repeats in both directions, perhaps it’s being printed digitally?
  • A single instance of the element to be repeated, with “bleed” and crop lines superimposed over the artwork, labelled “POSITIONAL ONLY – NOT FOR PRINT”. This is for instruction only and should clarify any possible confusion between the two others. If the repeating element is small, this might show many instances rather than just one.

But I would ask them first.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tim Mackey , Answer Author : e100

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