How to split an icon into 3 different objects?

I have converted the following image using trace bitmap, to a vector.

enter image description here

Now what i want to is break this object in such a way that the 2 hands and the circle are separate paths, so in total 3 paths. I need this as i want to move the hands around a little bit, so far what i have done is , converted the object to a path using path -> object to path , after this i tried many options like the node tool , then select all nodes and break apart but i am getting weird results.

So far when i select all the nodes , my object looks like so:

enter image description here

So how exactly do i go about splitting this path into 3 different objects(I am not sure i am phrasing this right) ?


  1. In Inkscape select the logo and click Path > Break Apart.

  2. The result will be a solid circle, but the paths are still there. With the Edit Paths by Nodes tool select both the outer and inner paths of the circle, by dolding down Shift while clicking, to make a multiple selection, and click Path > Combine.

  3. Now select both paths that form the inner and outer parts of the top hand in the same way, and click Path > Combine.

  4. Do the same for the outer and inner path of the lower hand.

That’s it! Now all three parts of the logo are separate.

Illustrated steps

Source : Link , Question Author : Alexander Solonik , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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