How to split large figure into smaller A4 pieces for printing?

I have a large figure (the original file can be found here or also here in pdf format):

Illustrator Screenshot

This figures size is approx. 255cm x 160 cm. This is quite large. I want to print this figure (in original scaling, so not smaller). However of course I cannot print that large file. I can only print usual A4 papers.

I now want to split the figures into smaller A4 pieces and print each of them and later put them together. So here is an illustration (I just entered a few A4s and the size is also just guessed):
It could be also like this:
How can I do this?

(would be great also to have it with a numbering, so that it is easier to put them togehter afterwards)

Thanks for any help!


I will steal @Billy Kear comment. You can use Adobe reader to print a mosaic.

But you will waste a lot of paper because empty sheets will also be printed with the instructions.

First, print the mosaic to a virtual PDF printer (Like PDF creator for windows), this will generate a booklet of individual pages and you can select the pages that actually have lines.

But additionally your final image can potentially not match the real size, so you probably need to have an additional skeleton to re assemble the figure with exact proportions.

I drew a quick skeleton that you can construct using a nylon thread and some tack.

The main skeleton is the red triangle, additional info are the orange lines.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Stat Tistician , Answer Author : Rafael

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