How to suggest a button is for panning, not tapping?

There are a few icons for directional pads, but after conducting user testing, users kept wanting to tap on it instead of swipe/pan for movement.

What have people done to suggest a component should be used for swiping or panning instead of tapping?

This control is for camera movement similar to Minecraft’s where you pan on the screen to rotate the camera and need a control to move the body.

The hope is to avoid using a tutorial and to make the interface self-explanatory.


I’d likely use some type of directional arrow. If they can swipe/pan in any direction, I’d have four arrows to show that. The following image from a google search is similar to what I’m imagining:

enter image description here

If users can zoom as well you could pair it with a magnifying glass (though I’d connect the arrows):

enter image description here

If it’s just two directions you can use the same concept but with less arrows:

enter image description here

To do this in 3D, just add a third line to represent the Z direction and corresponding arrows set. You could even have that rotate based on where the user is looking so they can keep track of the direction they are going. Just make sure to offset it to start so that all 3 axes are visible.

It would be helpful to see the design you had that users wanted to click, but you can make things look less like buttons by removing outlines, removing backgrounds, and connecting them together.

Source : Link , Question Author : Crashalot , Answer Author : Zach Saucier

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