How to target Microsoft Edge with CSS? [duplicate]

I would like to target Edge and have flexbox behave simliar to Firefox 33 / Chrome, for more detail see this question.

Can one target Edge in CSS?


To target Edge (version < 79), we can check for -ms-ime-align support, Edge being the only Microsoft browser that supports this property:

@supports (-ms-ime-align: auto) {
  .selector {
        color: red;

Or this one-liner (that one works on Edge and all IEs also):

_:-ms-lang(x), .selector { color: red; }

Further explanation, including variants to support specific versions of Edge, can be found in this article.

For Edge version > 78, since its rendering engine (browser engine) changed to Blink, which is the Chrome’s rendering engine, it should behave like Chrome.

Source : Link , Question Author : maxhungry , Answer Author : Raptor

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