How to tint or alter the colour of a pattern in Inkscape?

I am able to import and apply patterns to objects, but I don’t know how to adjust the colour of the patterns.

How does one tint a pattern in Inkscape?


You can create your own colorful pattern, but you can also simply change the color of the built-in patterns for your file.

For example, starting from a simple shape filled with a built-in pattern:

shape with pattern

You can change default color (black in the example) using Extensions -> Color -> Replace color command

replace color menu

In the pop-up windows you can replace the original color with your preferred one:

replace color

The work is done (this function change the stroke color too, you can arrange it later if needed):

pattern color changed

As you notice, this functions suffers from the absence of a color picker, but nowadays there is plenty of HTML color pickers for every operating system (and on-line too), so this is really no a problem.

If you want to change the color of a built-in bitmap pattern, you can use a filter.

For example, a starting shape filled:

shape filled with bitmap pattern

You can add a filter using Filter -> Color -> Colorize:

shape to be filtered

The fill is colorized, now, and you can tweak with the Filter Editor:

shape filtered

For example, you can change the default color, etc…

default color changed

Source : Link , Question Author : jhtong , Answer Author : Paolo Gibellini

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