How to transform a pattern without affecting its parent objects’ shape in Illustrator?

I am currently trying to simply rotate and move a pattern within an object without affecting the object, but I cant figure out how.

The only thing I was able to figure out is how to scale a pattern independently within the object it was applied to, which can be done simply by using the scale tool.

How can I alter a pattern that I’ve applied to an object, without altering the object itself?


Object > Transform > [the transformation you want] and uncheck “Transform Object”. This will cause “Transform Pattern” to auto-check, thus transforming the pattern but not the object. Simply enter a value and click OK.

Additionally, if you hold the ~ (tilde) key down while using a transform tool such as the Scale Tool, Rotate Tool, etc. It will cause the pattern to be transformed while you drag the mouse, leaving the containing object as it is. Basically, click with the tool, hold ~, then drag — Be aware, there is not a “live” preview of the pattern when using this method. You’ll see a highlight rectangle showing the transformation. When you let go of the mouse, it will be the pattern which has been altered, not the object.

Source : Link , Question Author : Slav Noev , Answer Author : Scott

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