How to type two characters on top of each other (superscript) in InDesign

In astronomical publications that use proper typesetting, the magnitude of an object is written like this:

magnitude of objects

The m has the same x position as the comma.

How is this done in Indesign CC2014? I’m new to typesetting and I have no idea how to google this. I’d appreciate your help.


You only have to work with the letter m.

Select the letter m and in the character formatting controls make the following:

  • make the letter m [superscript] or
  • reduce the [font size] of that m, and increase the [baseline shift] to an appropriate value.
  • still m selected. reduce [Tracking] to any value you like.
  • after you finish save the selected m in a [character style] to repeat it so and so.

Source : Link , Question Author : ratlan , Answer Author : hsawires

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