How to undo alternate layout in InDesign CS6?

I clicked Create Alternate Layout in my InDesign CS6 document without really understanding what it was for, to try and fix a margin problem I was having trouble with.

Now the document has been split into three parts, A4, A4 V2 and A4 V.

Undo did not remove this partitioning, and I cannot get it back to how it was before. The document was separated into three groups, with each page being in only one of them.

So they are not duplicated, as I understand it they should have been. So the original pages 1-14 are in one layout, 15-31 are in another, and 32 in it’s own.

What are the consequences of having alternate layouts, and how can I get back to a single one?


In the Pages Panel, simply choose Delete Alternate Layout from the menu above the layout.


This should have no effect on the primary layout.

Seems you really want to merge the layouts, not simply delete them.

  1. Highlight all the pages in the Pages panel for an alternate layout.
  2. Click-drag the pages to the layout you want them in.
  3. Repeat as needed.

Now go back and delete the other two layouts.

You may need to choose “Allow Document Pages to Shuffle” in the Pages Panel menu to complete this.

An easier method

  1. Got to the first page of the alternate layout.
  2. Then choose Numbering & Sections from the Pages Panel menu.
  3. Uncheck “Start Section”.

Alternate layouts are really simply sections within the existing document.

Source : Link , Question Author : carlpett , Answer Author : Scott

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