How to upload the full-resolution pictures taken by Instagram to Flickr?

When Instagram takes a pictures, it send a lower resolution version to Flickr, but saves the full resolution in the Camera Roll. Right now, I am:

  1. Taking picture and letting Instagram send the lower resolution version to Flickr, so something is available online right away.
  2. Later on, transfer the pictures to my Mac (through iCloud or sync), and replace one by one the pictures on Flickr with the full resolution version I have locally.

This last step is time consuming and error prone. Ideally, I’d like Instagram to upload the full resolution picture for me when over wifi. But short of that, what would you do to streamline this process? Maybe “there is an app for that”?

As a side-note, you might wonder why I am using Instagram, and not taking pictures with the Camera app or the Flickr app:

  • I like to enter a title right away, just after taking the picture (so the Camera app wouldn’t cut it).
  • I like the fact that the version of the picture sent right away is lower resolution, not to kill my limited mobile quota (so the Flickr app wouldn’t cut it).
  • (I also like the square format: IMHO, it makes framing simpler, and creates pictures that just looks better for online viewing.)


I use the Posterous Spaces app to save full resolution photos from the roll to the web and have that linked to push to flickr. You could also use the native flickr app to pick them from the roll.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alessandro Vernet , Answer Author : bmike

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