How to use alternative numerals in a font?

There are two ways of laying out numerals in a font: lining figures and text or oldstyle figures. The Former has the height of a capital letter while the latter have varying heights and blend in with lowercase text.

I am designing slides that must adhere to a brand style guide. The guide stipulates that headers are in Corbel Bold and sub-headers are in Corbel Regular. The Corbel typeface provides both forms of numeral layout, lining figures and text figures, but I cannot work out how to access the lining layout form, which I would prefer to use for consistency with the required body font, Segoe Light (which only has lining figures).

lining and text figures

I’m interested in answers that cover any tool, though for practical purposes it would be useful to cover non-professional tools like PowerPoint.


For word, you can change the Corbel typeface to lining figures or old style figure by clicking the flyout menu in the font area of Word’s navigation. Then click on the Advanced tab and use the drop down menu beside Number Forms. You can adjust ligatures and all sorts here too! It works for Outlook and Publisher too apparently.

Screenshot of advanced font screen in Word


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