How to use an Illustrator graphic as a text bullet in InDesign?

I’ve created a vector image in Illustrator. I would like to import it into InDesign and use it as bullets.

I googled it but they just mention pasting it on to the clipboard and they don’t explain how to do that.


You can’t actually use them as bullets in the usual sense unless you create a single-glyph font, which you can do using IndyFont (helpful video and trial download).

If you don’t want to buy IndyFont (although I highly recommend it), you can still add a vector from Illustrator to your bullet paragraphs.

  • Paste the graphic into InDesign.

  • Cut to the clipboard.

  • Select the Type tool and click inside the frame where you want to add the graphic.

  • Paste.

Your graphic comes in as an inline object and acts much like a glyph, but it’s probably in the wrong place.

enter image description here

  • Right click and choose Anchored Object > Options...

  • Change the Position to “Custom” and select the reference point you want to use (I used the right center, see below).

  • Change “X Relative To:” to “Anchor Marker” and adjust the X Offset to whatever you need. (Turn on Preview if it’s not already on, so you can see what you’re doing.)

  • Leave the “Y Relative To:” option at “Line” and adjust the Y Offset.

Custom position

  • As a last step, check “Prevent Manual Positioning” (Important: the next bits won’t work unless you do this) and click OK.

  • Open the Story Editor (Ctl/Cmd-Y). Notice the little anchor icon ahead of the text? Select it and copy to the clipboard, then you can close the Story Editor.

Story editor

  • Click at the beginning of each paragraph to which you want to add the shape, and paste. It will come in with all of your settings intact.

Pasted objects

Source : Link , Question Author : Bianca , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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