How to use Clip and Set in Inkscape by filling only the borders of the object, not the interior

I want to fill the outline of my object with another image. If I use Clip & Set, my object gets all filled.

My current object is a cat:

enter image description here

The black color should be replaced by an image, the interior of the cat should stay transparent. How to get it?


Remove the fill, if there’s one, let the black outline stroke stay. Make a spare copy of your shape, you may need it later.

Select the shape. Goto Path > Stroke to Path. That transforms the outline stroke to filled area.

Use the shape to clip the image. The outline acts as a clipping mask, because it’s now a filled area.

An example:

enter image description here

Not asked Scrap the idea of using Clip > Set. Change the stroke color to white and use Object > Mask > Set. Mask is a way to affect transparency with color, white = fully opaque.

Source : Link , Question Author : Adelov , Answer Author : user287001

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