How to use- “color to alpha” in GIMP when it is grayed out? [duplicate]

While you try to change the background to transparent- the filter “color to alpha” is not selectable. How to get that changed.


Well- this is more of an answer that I wanted to post- but was unable to. This is how you do it-

  • Open the image in GIMP.
  • In the Layers window, right click and select “Add Alpha Channel”
  • From the Colors drop-down menu- select “Color to Alpha”
  • Done- the pop up asks you the preset color, click OK and your image can be saved now as png with transparent background.
    I thought it would be good to answer how I figured it out. Tania

Source : Link , Question Author : Tania Chowdhury , Answer Author : Tania Chowdhury

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