How to use pathfinder to cut a rounded rectangle?

I would like to create an Illustrator object that is half of a rounded rectangle, such that the top two corners are rounded and the bottom two are not. I thought I could simply start with my rounded rectangle, place a rectangle on top of it, and use “Minus Front” in the pathfinder. However, this causes the resulting shape to have four round corners, not two as I was expecting.

To illustrate:

enter image description here

After “Minus Front”:

enter image description here

(note how round corners appear along the “cut” line! aargh!)

I suspect I’m missing some key concept here. How can I prevent the rounded corners from spreading like this?


It looks as though you are using the ’rounded rectangle’ effect in the effects pallet oppose to actually making a rounded rectangle, so when its changing your rectangle its changing your path but still applying the rounded rectangle effect which is whats making all of the corners round off.

Try using the Rounded rectangle tool oppose to the rectangle tool and you can manipulate the radius of the corners by pressing the up and down arrow keys whilst making your rounded edge box.

The pathfinder should work if you do that.

Source : Link , Question Author : Matt Mizumi , Answer Author : vgrixti

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