How to vectorize a graph from a raster image

I have an image of a graph and want to redraw this graph in Illustrator.

enter image description here

Full size image

Is there any “trick” to do this? I am trying with the pen tool but it’s very hard to reproduce that the fine edges.

Or is there a program that could convert this image into a vector graph?


To get the blue line I would use Image Trace with setting High Fidelity Photo. After Tracing expand and upgroup the object.

The blue line may have survived the tracing intact and clean. In that case just select and use it.

If not, use the magic wand tool to select everything that is the blue line, lock results and delete the rest, unlock blue line, group and use.

After tracing and expanding you can just start deleting stuff that is not the blue line until it is the only thing left.

Alternately, without tracing, you can carefully trace the blue line manually with the pen tool. This will give you a very crisp vector path that you can control shape and color.

Once you have the blue line separated you need to recreate the grid. (I don’t think those thin grey grid lines will survive the tracing, test and find out)

To make that grid I would make a rectangle the same size, no fill and thin grey stroke. Then with the rectangle selected go Object>Path>Split Into Grid. Specify the rows and columns in your graph and hit okay.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tom , Answer Author : Webster

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