How to vertically space all-caps lines with accented characters like circumflexes

I’m trying to lay out a block of several lines of all-caps copy. I want the lines to be evenly spaced. However when letters such as Ô and È are included in a line, they “collide” with the preceding row.

Here’s a quick example:

ALL CAPS accents causing issues!

Are there any rules of thumb for handling this?


In some cases, for example, in publications headlines with a colored background close to the text limits, the height of the accented letter is reduced. As far as I know, it’s the only one rule.


enter image description here

In highlighted texts such as the one in question, if the space between text lines has the same distance/height, what in different text sizes it is not the same leading; the equality between the separations creates a repetition pattern optically stronger than the proximity between accents and letters.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Try fixing your text with this optical adjustment, taking as a reference the largest line spacing.

your text

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