How to work with white artwork in Adobe Illustrator?

Regarding Adobe Illustrator – I am trying to create a vector file that an imprinter will use to imprint my image on to T-shirts. The shirts will be black and I want my image to be in white.

Questions – What do I need to do in AI to make the image come out white when it’s printed?

Also, how might I be able to see what the imprinter will be printing? I see a “preview” option but I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for.


Simply use any single color for the artwork. It doesn’t have to be white in the file. You simply tell the printer to print the art white.

This is, unless you are using some online printer….. then…

Draw a black rectangle on a new layer. Move the layer below all other layers. Select the black rectangle and set it to non-printing using the Attributes Panel (window > attributes) then lock the layer. Create your artwork, in white, on a layer above the black rectangle layer.

You can then both see what will be printed and work with white shapes easily.

Source : Link , Question Author : bobkap , Answer Author : Scott

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