How was this logo constructed?

How did all these shapes get the same width? It drives me crazy.

Are the circles drawn with a stroke?? Or is it two ellipses combined and then a compound path was created??

Is that (2) a rectangle? Or is it drawn with a pen tool??

I have tried by taking the same pt/inch/mm in stroke but in vain. Could not even go near it.

No way I could match the width of the ellipse and rectangle. I have tried with stroke panel and with the transform panel.

enter image description here


Simply set the stroke weights the same for an ellipses and a line. Don’t use a “rectangle” anywhere.

enter image description here

Then select all and use Object > Expand to create shapes, then use the Shape Builder tool to merge/remove portions as necessary.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Suraiya Abedin , Answer Author : Scott

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