How was this mosaic graphic of Jimi Hendrix created?

I found this image long time ago, even if I search with the google images search I could not find the creator to ask him/her how this was created.

I do not think it was created manually. It looks like some sort of processing was done via software.

Jimi Hendrix

If you know of any software or some way to create the similar vector image from a raster image within Adobe Illustrator, please advise.

Maybe it is possible to achieve a similar result by using some image processing programming libraries, I have no idea.

Thank you

This must be the source image:

original image


It looks like a photo mosaic made up of patterned tiles instead of other photos. I remember this being a really popular thing to do a few years ago. A quick search came up with this link for you:

It has a bunch of software links to do this sort of thing.

I seem to remember seeing a tutorial on pstuts or some other tutorial site. I’ll see if I can track it down.

Source : Link , Question Author : cenk , Answer Author : GoofyMonkey

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