How was this Path embedded in a JPG image?

If one downloads this image to their computer and opens it in Photoshop, they will notice something very interesting in the Paths panel:

enter image description here

Several paths are included in this file, one for the laptop’s logo, one for the laptop, one for the screen and one for the reflection.

I thought this type of information was only available inside a Photoshop file. But it is a JPG.

I am surprised, and I’m also wondering how one can embed path info inside a JPG.


Photoshop has had the ability to save paths in JPGs for a while. (CS5.5 I think, might have been CS6)

As long as you don’t use Save for Web and use Save As for JPG, they’ll be there if the jpg is subsequently opened in Photoshop.

Other software may not see the paths.

It’s similar to how Fireworks used to save PNGs with layers… it’s all proprietary data that is superfluous to the overall format. But can be read by the same proprietary software.

And note, the extra data will affect file size (kb)

Source : Link , Question Author : MicroMachine , Answer Author : Scott

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