How would you design “compressed” circle like this one?

I’m using Adobe Illustrator CS6.

I found some SVG circle with this modified path:

enter image description here

How would you draw this in Illustrator? Each “side” is equal. I don’t think I need to edit path manually, else every side will look weird and not symmetrical.

Which feature would you use?


  • Starting with a Circle > duplicate it
  • Menu Effect > Distort Transform > Zig-Zag


  • Menu Object > Expand to get the new shape vector anchor points
  • Add a Stroke to increase the gap difference with the original circle. This step is because the Star Shape is smaller than the original circle. Could be replaced by reducing a little the shape size proportionally to the center.


  • Menu Object > Expand to get the stroke shape vector anchor points
  • Menu Object > Ungroup

  • Select the stroke and the shape > Pathfinder > Minus Front

Minus Front

  • Center this shape with the original circle
  • Select both shapes > Pathfinder > Intersect

enter image description here



Source : Link , Question Author : markzzz , Answer Author : Community

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