How would you print extremely small words (microprinting)

The Problem:
I am working on a project and I wanted to add super fine print (words and graphics). When I say small I am not referring to 7pt type at 300dpi business card small. I am referring to something you would see on security items or the small graphics/words that appear on currencies etc.

The Question:
The question is would a 1pt word on a 600ppi document translate if printed on a printer that could print at 600dpi. Does this scale even lower at higher resolutions.


You are talking about microprinting. The whole idea of that, is that you cannot reproduce it by using printers or printing presses. It is engraving that are designed to trip up professional counterfeiters. So, no, I can´t see how on earth it would be possible to pull off. (of course, if you have unlimited resources and good connections in shady parts of town then maybe).

Here are Wikipedias snippet on microprinting.

Source : Link , Question Author : Javi , Answer Author : benteh

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