Human Mascot vs Animal Mascot for a website illustration and identity?

I am wondering if a animal mascot is “easier” to like for users rather than a human mascot/logo.

Thinking about it, it seems to me that websites seldom use a human mascot.
I was considering using a human face as “mascot” or online identity, but it feels too invasive somehow.
Does anyone know of a study that shows that people tend to prefer animal mascot?


A good logo is one that is easily identifiable and visually conveys meaning quickly, often through group association. Unfortunately, when applied to the human form one often winds up with a stereotype. At its best it is benign, but even benign stereotypes are easily seen as racist. (see: Land O’Lakes; Aunt Jemima; Alfred E Neuman; Notre Dame football)

Animal forms rarely carry this burden.

Source : Link , Question Author : Timothée HENRY , Answer Author : horatio

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