I already have LinkedIn, DeviantArt, Dribbble, and Behance. Do I need a personal website?

With the presence of different social networking sites that allow anyone to easily create a web presence, as a graphic designer do I still need a personal website? What is the pros and cons of having a personal website? Is it worth the cost?


Before you put yourself through the trial that is creating your own website (and it is, just in the amount of time it takes), you have to ask yourself what reason you represent yourself online.

Do you really just need a portfolio for potential employers?
Then worry not, because having your work on those major sites is enough for employers to get a feel for your talent and abilities.

Are you just looking to get freelance work?
If so, then having other reputable sites displaying your portfolio work is a solid way for people to see if you’re worth hiring. But if you are looking at expanding ever, you should be thinking about my next question.

Are you looking to create a brand for yourself?
If you want to go beyond just a guy who does freelance, it’s important to have a space that is 100% you. People respect brands, and it shows a professionalism that will likely lead to increased rates, if it’s reflected in the quality of your work.

The cons of having a personal website is that it’s just one more place to keep your work updated, and it costs however much for a domain. Domains like JustHost and BlueHost charge like $3 a month, so it’s not a pocket wrencher.

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