I am syncing my MacBook Pro OS 11.6 with my iPad 15.0.2. Music completes, but then it states “Reading Photos Library”

It has now been reading the photo library for 5 full days. I have only just 7,000 photos on the Mac. I have no photos on the iPad, because I deliberately cleaned up the iPad in the hope that after synchronising, my photos would all be on the iPad in the same arrangement as on the Mac.

I believe that when the Mac is reading the photo library, it may also be analysing each photo to see if it has dogs, birds, names, etc. (things you can search on).

I am reluctant to stop this process, in case I have to start over.
Can anyone give me some way of telling what progress it has so far made?

Or any advice at all?


Source : Link , Question Author : JBurton , Answer Author : Community

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