I cannot see the bounding box in Illustrator

I am quite inexperienced in using adobe illustrator.

Usually, when I select something it shows a bounding box around it but for some reason, it doesn’t have it.

I already tried Ctrl + H to show the bounding box, but that didn’t work.
enter image description here
Here the file

(I have already gone through this post).


Ctrl+H is for Hide Edges

What you want is Ctrl+Shift+B or View → Show Bounding Box.

Note that in order to see the Bounding Box you need to be using the Selection Tool (V).

You can also hold down Ctrl while most other tools are active to quickly switch to the Selection Tool.

In your case, it seems that all your paths are in a clipping mask – you can release it via Right Click → Release Clipping Mask or Ctrl+Alt+7.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pie , Answer Author : WELZ

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