I have a client who keeps asking for quotations but never follows through

I’m fairly new to freelancing and have an issue that I’m not sure how to tackle.

I’m still struggling to get paid work so every potential job is very important, however I’ve had so many time wasters. One of whom has got in touch with me several times over the past few months, always asking for a quotation on a different project. She will only speak to me face-to-face and talks for ages, but never actually follows through and commissions me for any work.

She’s got in touch yet again saying she wants to discuss an upcoming project with me. I’m starting to get fed up with wasting my time for no financial payoff but not sure what to say to her as I don’t want to be rude/ruin my reputation, and part of me keeps thinking maybe she is serious this time.

Any advice much appreciated!

Thank you


Something to consider: Charging a consultation fee then offering half or all of the fee as a credit when the contract is signed.

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