I need a font like this but don’t know which terms to look for

I have an idea for a logo, and an idea of what the font should look like. However, I don’t know how to go about describing that to find a font.

I know that the lines of the S should be parallel as well as a few other features, but don’t know how I’d translate that into a search. The usual parameters of font categorisation don’t cover this.

Attached a drawing of what I’m thinking, so if anyone happens to know a similar font to get me going that would be great (it should be heavier than this but this shape).

Like this but thicker


johnp already mentioned using an automated font identification tool might prove troublesome without a rendered sample, but you could always just make your own rendered sample. It doesn’t have to be perfect since the auto-identifiers build in some tolerance to broaden the search. Luckily, your glyphs are easy enough to create:

smarta type sample

WhatTheFont returns a few typefaces that are very similar to your sample.

Snasm ExtraLight type sample Hemi Head type sample

Elevon type sample Korataki type sample

Another auto-identification service is What Font is.

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