I want to be a graphic designer. How should I approach learning Photoshop?

While reading a lot of design blogs and notable designers, I keep seeing the joke/statement come up over and over again that using Photoshop does not entitle one to the name Designer (or one who can do Graphic Design). As an experienced designer or one who has gone through the process:

How would you approach using Photoshop in such a way that sooner or later one can go try the road of the designer?


For a skilled designer the tools being used don’t make so much of a difference. It’s the line between the tools using you and vice versa. A “real” graphic designer has a clear concept and plan in mind and then chooses the tools that will best accomplish that goal.

So, approach photoshop as a toolset, and determine what it can do to get you where you need to go.

The comments you have seen are trying to point out that the tool is just that, a tool. So someone who has a typewriter sitting on their table is not necessarily a novelist, and the guy who spent a small fortune on a fancy chess set and routinely beats his 12 year old nephew at the game is not necessarily a chess master.

Source : Link , Question Author : phwd , Answer Author : Damon

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