I want to draw a circle with a exact diameter in illustrator

I’m designing a glass table top and it needs to be a perfect diameter of 36″ can I specify diameter anywhere? or even in Photoshop?

I also need to have the file removed from artboard just a transparent background it needs to be just the circle as a eps file.

does anyone know how I can do this.



Select the ellipse tool, left click on your art board and enter “36 in” for both height and width in the dialogue that pops up.

If you truly want a transparent circle with no outline then turn off fill and stroke.

“Save as” an .EPS with “transparency” selected.

About your need for a file without art board, I’m not sure this is possible with an EPS. If the circle on an art board is sent to a printer it will only print the circle. I recommend making your art board 37″ to hold a 36″ circle.

Source : Link , Question Author : Katie Sak , Answer Author : Webster

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