I want to learn how to select appropriate colors and fonts for a new site

I’m developing a new site, and although I know enough basic programming to make the site, I’m not artistically inclined enough to make the site look nice. So, I was hoping I could get some suggestions or something on what colors and fonts go well together to make a nice looking website; only for the users experience.

So, does anyone have any suggestions, or sites that may help me learn about such a thing? I’m really just developing a basic site, so it can be basic colors, just nothing to dark or light I guess. I’m thinking somewhere in the middle.


Your question covers two distinct areas of design: color theory and typography. Color theory covers why blue text on a red background may not be a good idea. Typography covers the style, usage and spacing of fonts or the letters on the page.

In addition to the links @Luuk provide, you may want to take a look at these:


10 Rules Every Designer Should Know – from Webdesigner Depot

A Guide To Web Typography – from I Love Typography

Color Theory:

Colors in Web Design – 1stWebDesigner

Color Theory For Designers – Part 1 – from Smashing Magazine

Color Theory For Designers – Part 2

Color Theory For Designers – Part 3

I had the links handy because I refer to them often. Hope this helps

Source : Link , Question Author : James Litewski , Answer Author : Ray Mitchell

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