I want to resize a picture with specific dimension without stretching it

enter image description hereI have 3 pictures with different dimensions. I want to decrease the size of these pictures without stretching them. I have used content aware with photoshop but it doesn’t work as i have 200X842 dimension which is quite small. Is there any solution to this?

This is the original picture. The result i got from content aware is enter image description here


Content-aware scaling works by using a process called seam carving, which relies upon being able to compress/stretch some parts of an image while protecting others. For images that have complex backgrounds, automatic seam carving will likely fail, or just not work very well.

To get a better result in Photoshop for an image like your example, which has a lot of detail in the background, you need to create an alpha channel which you can use to protect specific areas of the image when using Content-Aware scaling.

Basically, use the Quick Select tool to roughly select some areas to protect

enter image description here

Then add an alpha channel in the channels panel by clicking on the Mask button, to save the selection as an Alpha Channel.

enter image description here

Select the RGB channel, go back to the Layers Panel, Select > Deselect. Select the image layer in the layers panel. And do Edit > Content Aware Scale

In the tool options along the top, set the Protect drop down to the Alpha channel you made previously

enter image description here

Now Content-Aware scaling will work nicely

enter image description here

Once you have achieved the desired aspect ratio, then you can crop the leftover edge, and scale the image to the size you want using Image > Image Size. Make sure to engage the aspect ratio lock before entering the new size. Obviously if you are reducing the image size, make sure to also choose the Bicubic Sharper (Reduction) algorithm.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Ayesha Israr , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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