Icon for ‘backwards compatible’?

How can I represent backwards compatibility in an icon?

Our company makes building control systems and we are currently developing a whole new platform/range (hardware and software) which will eventually supersede our current platform. This supersession process is expected to take at least 5 years due to the long lifecycle of the hardware so backwards compatibility is an important aspect of the sales process for the new platform.

I am building up the web content for the new platform and need an icon to indicate the backwards compatibility of the new platform.

Unfortunately, neither the old or new platforms have their own icon (e.g. PlayStation 2/3/4 icons) so I don’t have existing visual elements I can use to, for example, point a double-ended arrow at.

While I would like to avoid text because it does not work at small scale, I have been unable to come up with anything image-only that works.

Here is what I have so far:

first draft icon


So I did some more thinking on this and here is what I have come up with:

backwards compatible icon

This focuses on the old and new platforms ‘working’ together, rather than ‘communicating’.

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