Identifying similar font to Futura

Today I watched a Ted Talk, and loved the presentation. In particular the font used.

I did some research and found out this looked like Futura. So I did compare the two, but there are subtle differences. See the image below.

I went through the most similar Futura fonts on myfonts, but can’t find the exact one. Anyone an idea what font/ Futura edition this might be?


  • how the O is square even though this is italic
  • the significance width difference of the D, C and W
  • the lower ending of the stem of the J is tapered off


(The Ted Talk: We can reprogram life. How to do it wisely | Juan Enriquez)


I checked your screen capture out on
When I used all the recognizable characters, it didn’t find a match, but when I used only the “J”, it found it right away.

Try – Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic
Looks like a match to me, using the “playbox” on

I just noticed your first example “LIFECODE” and the “E”, “F” and “C” do not seem to match up. Not sure if this is a different Font, or a variant.

Perhaps Twentieth Century Medium Italic with a Bold Added. The distinguishing question mark matches.

A screenshot of Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic on Fonthaus:
Twentieth Century Pro Bold Italic

Source : Link , Question Author : Ludo , Answer Author : Ludo

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