Illustrator 3D Extrude Pipe Elbow

I’m trying to create a 3D extrude of an ABS pipe elbow like this:

Example image

Large image.

Although it can be solid, isn’t necessary for a hollow pipe.

I created a doughnut from two ellipses (one deleted from the other), then took a quarter of that ellipse (the elbow) and extruded–it looks similar, but it’s edges are straight not rounded. I realize I could just create the same look with the pen and mesh gradients, but I’m going to be using the pipe elbow numerous times and at different angles, so I figure this is the quickest way to a reusable object.


This is actually easier than you think 🙂

Start with a circle shape, then go to 3D -> Revolve.

I love donut

Turn on preview checkbox, play with the options. You’d start with a full donut first. Adjust the Angle amount. you can also play with the Offset.

Source : Link , Question Author : Graham T , Answer Author : Jin

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