Illustrator Action : Remove a vertical line after using pathfinder tool

I am trying to generate outline from thousands of images and then cut them in half. I want to automate it. I made Illustrator action which is working really good. The only thing I am not being able to automate is to delete the vertical line (Shown in the picture) to make the path open.

Any idea how to automate it?

I am creating a rectangle to cut the shape in half so if there is a hidden Pathfinder shortcut or tool that leaves the path open after cropping that I can incorporate in the action, that will help too.

enter image description here

Thanks in advance.


I found a trick, if you don’t care much about the path quality. Maybe someone can get a better idea from this.

  1. From the appearance panel → Clear Appearance
  2. Add a stroke linear gradient from black/50% location to white/50% location


  3. Rasterize it

  4. Apply Image Trace selecting Line Art as preset. Illustrator only allows to put in an action the default tracing presets. There’s a script in this answer to record a different preset but I couldn’t make it work. Maybe it’s because the Illustrator version.
  5. Expand
  6. Simplify if necessary from menu ObjectPathSimplify

enter image description here

All these steps can be recorded in one action and automate the work process, without the need to use the Direct selection tool or any other manual adjustment.

By saving these steps as a script in the Illustrator scripts folder, you can add the script from the File menu in an action.

Source : Link , Question Author : CrimsonCape , Answer Author : Wrzlprmft

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