Illustrator Adding Weird Lines to Logo on Dark Backgrounds (Not Stroke)

I have a logo symbol that has several intersecting lines. In Adobe Illustrator (CS6), slight gray lines are being added at the intersection points.

I haven’t noticed it in other artwork, it only seems to appear on black (dark) backgrounds. There is no stroke.

Any idea what this is?

enter image description here


To me it looks like you have “Divided” the shapes with pathfinder and you need to “Unite” them with pathfinder again (the top left icon in the pathfinder window). Ctrl-Click the shapes with the same colour (or go to select > same > fill & stroke) and click “Unite” in the pathfinder window.

(If you can’t see the pathfinder window go to window > Pathfinder)

Source : Link , Question Author : Trent Scott , Answer Author : Frank Conway

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